February 11, 2015

Nibley Leaves

We are a growing project near Bristol

We have a three acre site where we grow using Organic principles


Salad, Fruit & Veg

We are a three acre site near Bristol, we grow using organic principles, without using chemical pesticides or fertilisers.

We have been working on the land for a year, much digging, planning and planting has already taken place, as we gear up to produce on a small commercial basis.

We’ll soon be supplying fresh salads, fruit & vegetables to local restaurants and shops.

If you are interested in ordering from us please get in touch


Field grown mushrooms

We are experimenting with Oyster mushrooms on a fairly large scale with a view to supplying the restaurant trade.

We’re planning hardwood grown Shiitake, Nameko, Summer Oyster, Tarragon Oyster, Pearl Oyster & Lions mane mushrooms so we can supply year round.


We are getting our rootstocks in the ground now, with a long term aim of supplying grafted varieties particularly harder to find rare cultivars.

We are also growing on a range of hedging and nitrogen fixing trees and shrubs, particularly those frequently used in permaculture design.

We’ll be growing a modest number of pot grown Christmas trees, these will be offered on a rental basis in the local area