Nibley Leaves
Complex Seasonal flavours

Salad Bags- Complex seasonal flavours

Matter wholefoods

We supply fresh salad bags twice a week to Matter Wholefoods in Easton. Pick up a bag:

Go to Restaurants and Cafes

Restaurants and Cafes

We deliver on Mondays and Thursdays in reusable storage tubs. Contact us

Go to Grown to order

Grown to order

We can supply specific orders of salad varieties Contact us and let us know what you would like

Salad bags and beyond

Salad bags

A variety of seasonal leaves and edible flowers.
We deliver on a Tuesday to Trinity community centre in Bristol
A 250g bag is £3. To order
Contact us
Fresh great tasting salads with a spicy dark flavours


Log grown mushrooms coming soon.
Oyster, Shitake and more innoculated and growing now.
Oyster, Shitake and more innoculated and growing now


Permaculture & Orchard trees.
We plan to offer Eleagnus varieties, Mulberries, Siberian Peashrubs and local Gloucester apple varieties.
We’re busy grafting and growing. A variety of fruit and nut trees available soon

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